About US!

@ lil’ Cherry Bakery we have the passion and the fire from our bellies to serve the best that we can offer. Everything that we sell has been extensively researched for its appearance, taste and WOW! factor.

Our Cakes & Cupcakes

We love cakes! Who doesn’t? It’s been a comfort food since forever! Birthdays, celebrations, it’s always tagged to a happy occasion. Get just 1 to spoil yourself, a six-pack to share your love with your besties, or a whole tower to share with your guests at your bridal shower! It’s not just any cupcake; it’s a lil’ Cherry Bakery cupcake oozing with flavour!

Our Breads

We only serve what we would ourselves enjoy. There’s no shortcuts, no ifs, no buts, just great tasting stuff! Everything is baked from scratch, with tender loving care. The whiff of the freshly baked breads, only inspires our chefs even more to serve you only the best.

lil’ Cherry Bakery. Only the good.

Operation Hours:

Mon - Sat: 9.00AM-6.00PM

Sat: 9.00AM-3.00PM

Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

Hotline: 6742-2822

Wow, It's all freshly, greatly tasting stuff!